About the distributor

Abouts Us

ForestOne is an innovative force in the timber and decorative solutions industries.

We’re Australia’s largest independent distributor of wood panel, timber and decorative surface materials.

Currently located in Australia, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, London and Moscow, ForestOne is driven by a passion for innovation, responsible sourcing and great customer service. More than a trusted building supplier, we’re focused on offering building solutions to customers.

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do, and our staff take pride in always providing the best customer services you’ve come to expect.

We’re rebranding! Whilst you’ll still see the Gunnersen name around – on trucks, some products, brochures, etc. We’re switching over in the most environmentally conscious way we can.

Our history

For over 140 years, ForestOne has been a major player in the building industry, focused on excellent sourcing and supplying commodity and decorative products nationally – previously under the name Gunnersen.

We began in timber and grew into wall panels from floors to ceilings. This led to the inception of DesignerPly and a new way of thinking, selling, and servicing.

We’re immensely proud of our history, yet excited about what is around the corner.

The next chapter

And now we embark on a new chapter, as a blending of four companies; Gunnersen, Australian Forest Products, Crown Timber, and ForestOne International together as ForestOne.

This is so much more than a name change; it’s a new business ethos. More than building supplies, we’re offering building solutions. Innovative, stylish and high quality products – it’s what you’ll get to know us for.

ForestOne steps into the future with some of the most innovative, stylish and premium quality products in the markets, always sourced ethically and with the needs of our customers at the core.

In addition, our range of products will continue to expand in the new year, so make sure you’ve signed up to our newsletter to find out more about our new product launches.