Care and Mantenance

HI-MACS not only offers design flexibility, but provides a number of maintenance advantages as well. This non- porous material is both stain and impact resistant, providing greater durability than traditional benchtop materials. HI-MACS is also repairable so that scratches, chips or any damage inflicted over time may be removed and your surface restored to its original finish. 

The final finish of your HI-MACS surface will be determined by you and your certified installer. It can be a matt, satin, semi- gloss or high-gloss finish. The finish selected will also determine how you care for the surface in order to retain its original finish. Matt finishes and lighter colours require a moderate level of maintenance whereas dark colours and gloss finishes require a higher level of care. Please consult your fabricator on the colour and finish option most suitable for your application. 

To avoid damaging your HI-MACS surface:

-  Do not place hot cookware directly onto HI-MACS surfaces; always use a trivet under hot pans and heated appliances such as crock-pots and electric frying pans.

-  Do not cut food directly on HI-MACS surfaces; always use a chopping board to protect the surface.

-  Do not use abrasive scouring pads for everyday cleaning. Only use a scouring pad on matt finishes to remove extremely stubborn marks or scratches. We recommend using Chux All Purpose Scrub Sponge. 

Once a scouring pad has been used on a matt surface, apply a mild cream abrasive cleanser to the entire area and blend the scrubbed area into the surface rubbing in a circular motion with a soft cloth. We recommend using Jif or Ajax cream cleansers. 

Although minor cuts and scratches on HI-MACS surfaces can be repaired, deep cuts will require the services of a certified fabricator. 

Strong acids such as those found in drain cleaners and oven cleansers should be used cautiously around your HI-MACS surface. If these items are accidentally spilled, wipe them up at once. Some of these items when left on the surface may cause whitening, which can be difficult to remove. 

While everyday spills can be removed using a damp cloth and a general purpose cleanser (Ajax Spray n’ Wipe), stubborn marks such as food, dye, tea and fruit drinks may require more rigorous cleaning methods. These items can be removed using bleach diluted 1:1 (1 part water : 1 part bleach) followed by a general purpose cleanser (Ajax Spray n’ Wipe). However, bleach should only come in contact with the surface for a maximum of two minutes. 

For stubborn marks on a matt finish use a mild cream abrasive cleanser such as Jif or Ajax Cream Cleanser on a damp HI-MACS surface. Let the cream settle for a few minutes before using a damp, soft cloth. Rub the stained area in a circular motion, then rinse and dry the surface. Periodically, it may be helpful to go over the entire surface in a circular motion with our recommended mild cream abrasive cleanser to maintain a uniform appearance. 

To provide added protection or if an additional sheen is desired, apply a non-wax polish cleaner to a dry surface and wipe with a clean, dry cloth. Wipe your HI-MACS surface dry using another clean cloth. We recommend using Mr Sheen Waterguard as your polish. 

Repairing scratches or damage

To remove scratches on a matt finish, use a non-abrasive scouring pad, (Chux All purpose Scrub Sponge) in conjunction with Jif and warm soapy water; rub in a circular motion until the scratches are removed.

2. Use a damp sponge to wipe over the area and remove the soapy residue.

3. Clean the area thoroughly with a general purpose cleanser such as Ajax Spray n’ Wipe and let dry.

To effectively remove deep scratches we recommend you contact your certified fabricator. They will offer the expertise required to restore your HI-MACS surface. 


LG Hausys prides itself on quality assured manufacturing processes and innovations in new technology. Following the Care and Maintenance Instructions provided will ensure that your HI-MACS surface continues to look as attractive as the day it was installed. LG Hausys supports the quality of HI-MACS surfaces with a 10-year limited warranty. Full warranty details here.